Photos from Our First Beginner’s Drawing Class

31 May

The first of our Wednesday morning drawing classes saw participants learning about that most fundamental element of drawing — line — and techniques for mastering it. Application of these techniques was done in first drawing a feather from memory and then from life.

Working from memory, it can be surprising to discover how much you’ve not retained about what something looks like. Making lines lighter or darker conveys colour in a pencil drawing, similar to the way we ‘read’ a black-and-white photograph.

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Each week’s class will focus on one particular aspect of drawing, essential skills and techniques (list here).

Drawing for Beginners Wednesdays 10:30 to 12:30. 8 places only, so booking is advisable. £15 including paper and use of pencils. Drop-in Drawing: Wednesday afternoons £5 if booked with morning session.

If you’re interested in learning to draw or paint but Wednesdays doesn’t suit you, do let us know what day/time would (

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